State Of The Art Gaming Skins

Have you ever been playing Xbox, or Playstation, and thought to yourself; “man, I wish my console didn’t look so blah..”. Well, I was that guy! So what I did was research some gaming skin companies, and that is where I found Gaming Freakz. Gaming Freakz was founded in early 2016, and have been providing the best xbox one skins since they came out!

Not only do they offer Xbox One skins, but Playstation 4 skins as well! Along with controllers, accessories, and everything you need as an every day gamer! They are so reliable, although their shipping time isn’t the greatest. But the quality is A+!

The Xbox One skins are one of a kind! They stick right on, and come right off if you aren’t feeling it. They are releasing some Xbox One S skins I believe in January 2017 and I cannot wait! Anyone looking for a decorative for themselves, or family, NEEDS to get one!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Xbox One Skin

They’ve got a range of options when picking from them! Such as…

  • Games
  • NFL Teams
  • NHL Teams
  • MLS Teams
  • Soccer Teams
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • Movies
  • Superheroes

Literally, you name it, they’ve got it! Basically, what I am saying is if you want the best xbox one skins on the market, head over to Gaming Freakz website. For the price you’re paying, it’s totally worth a checkout!

PlayStation 4?

No problem!

They have you covered as well! They have pretty much every Playstation 4 skins on the market, and they are a few of the best playstation 4 skins! Featuring everything Xbox does, you cannot go wrong! Follow them on Instagram @co.gamingfreakz for daily giveaways and promotions! Or on unless you want to toss them a follow on Twitter @GamingFreakzCo!

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