Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency.

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Choosing a digital marketing agency

Choosing a digital marketing agency is a struggle for most internal marketing teams. Picking the wrong outsourcing agency could cost one to lose his job. At times, the entire marketing team lose their jobs when they trusted the wrong agency.

Digital marketing agencies could be small firms as well who do not want to lose business. Like anyone else, they are not perfect as they have limitations. In the course of serving more customers and not disappointing them, these agencies sometimes do not admit their limitations and would not say “No.”

Learning the right way on how to pick the best digital marketing agency involve being aware not only of the agency’s strong points but of also of their limitations. This saves you and the agency from trouble. Here are some strategies on how to pick the best digital marketing agency that may apply to you:

Find competencies on their website

Before talking to a prospect, check on their website. Agencies highlight on their site their competencies and will not mention their weaker side. You can use their forte as your guide to meet your needs. For instance, you are looking for one who is good in social media or SEO, look for these on their website. Doing your research by checking their website before you even contact a salesperson will save you a lot of time and effort.

Be willing to invest

While you want to spend money wisely, coming up with the best agency is a good deal. However, the reality is that top quality services are not always cheap. An agency with low prices could mean low quality services so it is a bad one. You may want to immediately cross out the cheapest you find. If you want good results, you need to invest good money. Look for an agency with a good reputation and negotiate for a low initial fee.

See if they know how to say ‘No’

Present your expectations to the prospective agency. These agencies will say “yes” to your request not to deceive you but to not to disappoint you. Be honest and frank with them, telling them it is fine to decline to save both of you from frustrating scenarios in the future. If they give you all “yeses” even to seemingly impossible request should not impress you but rather trigger the red light that they may not be ideal.

Do a background check

You do not want your marketing stuff to be in the hands of someone you cannot trust. Do a background check then. Dig into your prospects, read reviews and customer feedback. Find out how they impressed and work with their previous companies.

Visit their Twitter account

Check on social media and see how the agency handle its followers, customer complaints and even regular conversations. While Facebook comments can be deleted if no one wants them to be seen in public, this is something that cannot be done on Twitter. So go to Twitter and see what people say about them. Also, be aware of some trolls and accounts whose aim is only to bash. Have discernment not to put so much weight on their comments.

Check references

Hiring an agency is like hiring a personnel, you check their references. When speaking to reference, do not ask the normal question if the agency is good. Rather, ask what challenges they have encountered working with them. Make it appear that you do not try to dig for dirt but are just trying to be prepared for anything.

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